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Shandong ocean agriculture development co., LTD. Was established in February 2004, the registered capital of 10 million yuan, is a major agricultural industrialization leading enterprises, high-tech enterprises in jiangsu province, the province a coaching base, small businesses have edible fungus engineering technology research center of jining, shandong agricultural university, agricultural science research institute of shandong province, jining senior vocational school production base, And successfully led the declaration of "Liangshan provincial edible fungus Science and Technology Park".

The company is committed to building a science and technology enterprise, now has three invention patents, eighteen utility model patents, three appearance patents, five software Copyrights, completed five provincial-level scientific research projects. The company insists on researching and developing one or two new varieties or technologies of edible fungi every year. In 2015, the company's liquid high-density cultivation technology of edible fungi won the first prize of science and technology at the county level and the third prize of scientific and technological progress at the city level. In 2016, the company's annual industrial cultivation technology demonstration and promotion of Chicken Abietylum was awarded the municipal scientific and technological achievement transformation award.

The company covers an area of 100 mu, more than 120 employees, 15 scientific research personnel. Now we have 6 automatic packaging production lines, daily production of 40 thousand packages of bacteria. Products are mainly black chicken abietylum, annual sales of black chicken abietylum package more than 10 million packages, accounting for more than 30% of the national market share. The production of fungus bag takes cotton seed shell, wood chips, corn cob, bran and other agricultural and sideline products as raw materials, adopts high temperature and high pressure sterilization, liquid strain inoculation, purification workshop culture. The company's perennial cultivated products are black chicken fir, gray tree flower, velvet mushroom, golden ear and other varieties, these delicious food on the table loved by the people, exported to all parts of the country.

Company formulated the "green, environmental protection, high efficiency and development" of the enterprise purpose, "standardization, intelligent, science and technology" as the company's development goals, market-oriented, powered by scientific and technological innovation, adhere to scale, factory development direction, vigorously developing edible fungus strains of research and development, technical training, production, processing, sales, and information services. To "company + farmers small boss (cooperative) + peasant household" mode of operation, launch base plus farmer risk-sharing pattern, in particular way is free to provide standardized enterprise union building intelligent greenhouse 65 edible fungi, bacteria free package, to provide technical guidance, responsible for the sales, product recycling and farmers only responsible for production management process, according to the sales enterprises and farmers 50-50, So as to ensure their vested interests, through the implementation of this model, can achieve risk-sharing, benefit sharing, the economic benefit is remarkable, at the same time to absorb the surrounding village labor force of more than 300 people, is one of the input, output, quick effect, more is to make full use of rural surplus labor, solve the rural labor force employment, help farmers out of poverty to get rich good projects, To achieve long-term development closely around agricultural efficiency, farmers increase this overall goal.

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